Jan 27, 2010

concept multimedia~lab 02

adobe photoshop

aku punya task kena complain dari lecturer coz tulis terblik...sobs3x...
sepatutnya tulis multimedia concept tapi aku taip concept multimedia...
bisalah aku kan lo'la' sikit....
atas dasar tanggungjawab terhadap negara aku wat la semula...
dan inilah hasilnya....

Jan 24, 2010

concept multimedia~lab 01

ni lab task first ak utk sub konsp mltimedia...
wlaupun xlwa n agak bruk ak akn b'usha m'p tingktkn skill ni dri smsa k smasa...
thnks 4 watching...

Jan 22, 2010

concept multimedia...(15/01/2010)


A project manager is an important rule when we are going to do a project whether it is a small project or a big project.
Without the project manager this project cannot be organized properly.

One of the big role as a project manager is to become a problem solver:-

  1. As a problem solver he must understand all about their project and identified the problems that will affect the result of the project and works on solving it.
  1. Naturally,hiring managers who fail to understand the nature of their business problems will find it difficult to hire someone who can solve them.
  1. When solving problems it is important to follow a logical process.
  1. Most business problems are not solved because people don't define the 'real problem clearly.
  1. Therefore, the strength of a job applicants problem solving ability can be seen by walking them with the steps framework while getting them to describe how we solved a real life problem in their job or project.

~The 7 steps involving in problem solver is:
  • The problem solver must define the problem means that he must investigate where the problems come so that it he know reasons why this happened.
  • Develop an action plan so that the plan will works smoothly. Planning an alternatives without working on it is nothing.
  • Troubleshoot, when all the plans have been made and an action have been take the problem solver will troubleshoot it.
  • In doing a project the problem solver must communicate with the team members of project or people surrounding to find the information or make some survey in order to develop this project so that it will become more successful.
  • Lastly, it is important to the problem solver to know the implement of the project such as the consequences for failure to meet the plan of project.

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Assalamualaikum dan Salam 1 Malaysia...hahaha:) Sebagai mukadimah blog ini saya sertakan bait2 indah berkaitan dengan sahabat supaya kita lebih menghargai sahabat dalam apa jua wujudnya... Kunci keutuhan sesebuah sahabat bukanlah terletak pada paras rupa mahupun darjat tetapi terletak pada keikhlasan sesebuah persahabatan... semoga ini menjadi kunci untuk mewujudkan persahaban yang diseliputi kejujuran dan keikhlasan... amin... ~weeeeeee(+_+) cetusan aspirasi untuk sahabat tersayang... sarah nadiah+wani syazwani+areen rereyn+wanie mc+fatin
luv u all... muuuuaaaaaahhhhh(x_x)

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